Destiny 2 shares updates to weapon enhancement and fragment unlock costs coming in The Final Shape


In case it wasn’t really obvious by now, things are going to be changing in Destiny 2: The Final Shape, and this time around Bungie is discussing what’s different with weapon enhancement when the expansion goes live, which is pretty important since making a beloved weapon better is one of the major deals with the looter shooter.

In general terms, weapon enhancement will become easier in Final Shape and will eventually be expanded to more weapons. Once a weapon has been masterworked, they can be enhanced up to three times, each time adding enhanced intrinsics and improved traits, provided the weapon meets certain level requirements. This system will be available to all new weapons in Final Shape as well as drops from specific activities like vanguard ops, nightfall dungeons, or competitive crucible matches.

The expansion will also introduce a few changes to the memento cosmetic system, making them applicable without visiting a location on Mars, increasing the number of memento stacks from one to three, and removing them from the consumables inventory. Lastly, the expansion will reduce the cost of unlocking ability-modifying fragments from the NPC Ikora, reducing their costs from 25,000 Glimmer to 10,000 Glimmer.

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