Diablo IV’s ‘Loot Reborn’ overhaul patch arrives today


Diablo IV is upping its loot game quite literally with the arrival of today’s quality-of-life patch and Season 4. Loot Reborn aims to correct and improve this online ARPG’s itemization and gear, “overhauling many core game systems” in the process. These aren’t temporary changes either; Blizzard promised that all of these adjustments will persist beyond Season 4.

Blizzard said that today’s patch will make it easier to understand which items are upgrades for your character, made affixes more effective, streamlined gems, added Unique-type drops to higher world tiers, and opened up two new crafting systems called Tempering and Masterworking to allow players to further refine their gear.

“By making items more individually impactful, we’ve significantly decreased the number of items that drop when slaying Monsters. The goal here is to spend more time obliterating and less time sorting through the many items that drop. The result is that fewer items will drop overall, but those items will be more likely to be valuable,” explained the studio.

Season 4: Loot Reborn also includes a new “Hell-Marked” seasonal mechanic, a World Tier IV Pit of Artificers dungeon, and a storyline with the Iron Wolves of the south.

Source: Diablo IV
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