Ravendawn grapples with dupe bug and a pay-to-win mechanic


It’s been a hectic several weeks for Ravendawn following the Tibia-inspired MMO’s launch in mid-January.

At least five post-launch patches have been added to the game over the past month. These updates factored in bot detection, balance tweaks, Carnival celebrations, Community Land housing, more tradepacks, fishing buffs, animal breeding, archetype legacy skills, free Valentine’s companions, server optimizations, and the Elder Coast and Frost Steppes zones with 1,320 plots of open land.

It’s not all been positive, however. On February 23rd, a dupe bug involving tradepacks and warehouses required the game’s servers to be taken offline for a short time, after which everyone was compensated with three RavenPacks and a free reputation and profession tree reset.

Even more disturbing was accusations of pay-to-win shenanigans using RavenCoins in the game. Over the last weekend, the studio changed this aspect of its monetization and apologized, saying, “We will be changing the requirement of RavenCoins for reputation and profession resets to an alternative in-game-only obtained currency. The intention was never for this to feel like a [pay-to-win] mechanic.”

Source: Reddit, Ravendawn
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