Zenith’s spin-off game Infinite Realms has begun its free open beta


Will today be the day that you decide to fling some blades at things before jumping through parkour courses in VR? Zenith’s developers certainly hope it will be because the Zenith: Infinite Realms open beta is out now and free for everyone. Well, almost everyone; owners of the Meta Quest and Raft will both be able to play totally for free, but Steam players will need to already own a copy of Zenith: The Last City. This somewhat limits its reach there.

The idea behind the game is that it is a free-to-play hub-based experience, with players jumping into VR battles before hopping out to do some parkour sections. Rinse and repeat. If that sounds like a fun time to you, well, this is precisely the spinoff game for you in its open beta today. If you were still just really waiting for the game’s PC port which was supposedly happening… uh… maybe it’s time to let go of that dream.

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