Project Gundalf is an upcoming ‘next generation massive’ MMOBA title headed for release in 2025


Do you dream of playing a MOBA on a more massive scale? Then you may be intrigued to learn about the code-named Project Gundalf, a self-described “next generation massive PvP game,” or a MMOBA to use its own acronym.

Project Gundalf comes from Swedish studio Cult of the North, formerly known as Seidr, which is focused on creating “the next generation of intense, action-packed multiplayer experiences for PC and console.” This first-ever game out of the studio promises its Unreal Engine 5-powered title will let players “build a huge kingdom, forge lifelong friendships, and battle the gods of Hamarvast.”

Additional details are otherwise slim about this upcoming game beyond a projected launch sometime in 2025 (most of Cult of the North’s presser talks about its name and logo). Interested fans can sign up to be considered for future playtests or join the studio’s official Discord. Or you can just wait until something more substantive comes along.

sources: press release, official site
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