Critter taming cross-platform MMO Chimeraland has officially launched on mobile and PC


Last July we threw our spotlight on Chimeraland, an interesting-sounding open world MMO arriving to iOS, Android, and PC with a primary hook of catching, evolving, and devouring mythical creatures to combine them into unique forms (like a chimera, get it?), as well as features like crafting, home building, trading, weapons that can be freely changed, and cross-platform play. Also, bird people as a playable race.

We bring this one back to your attention as the game officially launched last week on all of its planned platforms. The game’s launch is being celebrated with events that grant players goodies for registering a character before January 31st, hitting level 5, and riding a rocket into the sky for “massive” XP boosts. The devs at Proxima Beta have also put out a helpful beginner’s guide to let players get acclimated to everything the game has to offer.

source: official site (1, 2)
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