Chimeraland adds a blueprint system, sea-themed building items, and food stations in latest update

Would you like to build an undersea-styled palace? Maybe eat some food before you fight a T-Rex? Or perhaps you'd like to fire a...

Chimeraland delays a patch that brings blueprints, merfolk, and gourmet food into September 23

We should all recognize at this stage in the game that Chimeraland just does things differently. How else can you combine merfolk, housing blueprints,...

Betawatch: Temtem enters the launch waters

Farewell, Temtem. No, the game is not already shutting down or anything dire like that; it's just being removed from our list because we...

Chimeraland gets a new weapon, a fishing event, and a variety of bug fixes in today’s patch

Players of Chimeraland have been treated to a nice list of updates and refinements to the game in today's patch, following on the heels...

Chimeraland promises to improve localization, smooth its power level curve, and add cross-server matching

Our time in Chimeraland for Choose My Adventure was wild and wooly indeed, but also one that could benefit from a lot of refinement....

Massively OP Podcast Episode 387: Do the Dune

Justin and Bree discuss Dune Awakening, Gamescom, Destiny 2, Final Fantasy XIV Buried Memories, Elder Scrolls Online's Lost Depths, Guild Wars 2's wacky Steam launch, New World's dungeon finder, and World of Warcraft, with adventures in LOTRO plus insanity in Chimeraland.

Choose My Adventure: Chimeraland lets its freak flag fly one last time

You remember how I wrote last week that Chimeraland was becoming comfortable and routine? That its weirdness had sort of become kind of expected...

Choose My Adventure: Chimeraland’s weirdness routine continues to become a comfortable cadence

There's always a point when you're playing a new game that things become comfortable. A lot of folks tend to refer to that as...

Chimeraland’s Attack of the Tyrant update brings a plethora of dinosaur-related content

If you love dinosaurs the way Chimeraland loves dinosaurs, then you'll absolutely flip your lid for the Attack of the Tyrant update out today,...

Choose My Adventure: Making a house and making character progress in Chimeraland

This week in Chimeraland was all about growth - not necessarily for my big round boy Chonkhonk but for my abode and for McFishy...

Chimeraland will add dinosaurs August 18, opens recruitment for unpaid player moderators

Chimeraland already has a lot going on as our current Choose My Adventure series shows, but what it doesn't have right now is dinosaurs....

Choose My Adventure: The winding and confounding road to make Chonkhonk stronger in Chimeraland

I am pretty much resolved to making my round bird mount the strongest it possibly can be. It's my long-tail goal in Chimeraland -...

The Stream Team: The quest to strengthen a very round bird in Chimeraland

MOP's Chris has fallen in love with a mount. It's not the best mount. It's not the fastest. It's also probably not the best...

Choose My Adventure: The monster-eating adventures of McFishy the Squid Man in Chimeraland

I've not had a great deal of time in Chimeraland, but one thing is being made pretty immediately apparent to me: This game really...

Chimeraland wants pictures of dragon horses and direct player feedback, adds paintings that lead to dungeons

In any other game that headline might seem a bit catawampus, but in the case of Chimeraland it's just another regular week, as the...

Chimeraland launches events, adds a character sharing tool, and prepares to introduce the Medusa

With a name like Chimeraland, you'd be forgiven for thinking that a classical Greek chimera would be out there somewhere, but apparently that wasn't...

The Stream Team: Creating horrible monstrous abominations in Chimeraland

There's a newly launched MMO called Chimeraland that we've been covering for a little while now, and in it players can apparently consume creatures...

Survivalbox MMO Chimeraland’s global launch is marred by performance complaints

So, we have good news and bad news for Chimeraland. The MMO, which originally launched overseas back in January, launched globally yesterday on Steam...

Chimeraland ties down a global launch date of July 15 and showcases gameplay in a video

Regular readers of MOP are probably already familiar with Chimeraland, an MMO that leans on the primary feature of consuming and combining any number...

Monster mashing MMO Chimeraland plans a summer launch, opens pre-registration to NA and EU players

Are you eager to create acts of sacrilege against the natural order because you want two monsters to smoosh together and create a whole...