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Tencent-backed Chimeraland is shutting down at the end of March

Back in September of last year, we checked in on Tencent's strange survival sandbox Chimeraland only to find that very little had happened... followed...

Survivalbox Chimeraland is stealth-launching a surprise new update today

Earlier this week, we checked in on Chimeraland, finding the delightfully weird title had abandoned its website, social media presence, and Discord, leading us...

Whatever happened to the strange survival sandbox Chimeraland?

Some things are just too weird to survive. Thus is the fate of Chimeraland, the oddball survival sandbox that had the primary hook of...

Massively Overthinking: When is localization itself the kiss of death for an imported MMORPG?

Last week, when I was poking around the internet trying to understand why Amazon was still making excuses for de-sexualizing some Lost Ark characters...

The Stream Team: Returning to the wild and wooly world of Chimeraland

You know how a game falls out of your personal rotation but it still sits in your memory, and then you get the urge...

Chimeraland adds a new Mirage, a dinosaur secret realm, and its first mythic evolved pet

It's been a little while since we've marinated in the madness that is the survivalbox Chimeraland - its last major update was in December...

The MOP Up: Star Wars Galaxies’ Empire in Flames celebrates Boonta Eve

Star Wars Galaxies' Empire in Flames isn't lying down for January's drabness. Rather, the rogue server welcomed Boonta's Eve for the entire month. During...

Massively Overthinking: Our favorite MMO stories of 2022

It's tradition for us to pick out one big story or narrative arc that defined the year and slap it with an award label,...

Choose My Adventure: All the MMOs you made us play in 2022

This has been a pretty challenging year for a lot of reasons, and my 2022 in Choose My Adventure certainly didn't feel any different...

The MOP Up: Chimeraland heads to the Epic Game Store

The unholy, unnatural, unbelievable Chimeraland has its sights set on a new conquest: the Epic Game Store. The studio announced that it's releasing on...

Chimeraland’s December 8 update adds the continent of Northmount and a friendly hedgehog pet

The world of Chimeraland is going to expand this Thursday, December 8th, in a pretty significant way. The survivalbox's Twitter account has been full...

Global Chat: The dawning of a new great MMO era

The next great era of MMORPGs is in the making right now and will dawn on us shortly -- or so postulates MMO Folklorist,...
oh whale

Chimeraland gets child beasts, carnivorous plants, a nine-tailed fox, and Thanksgiving login goodies

We're not going to even try and qualify Chimeraland's decision to introduce child beasts, hungry plants, a kitsune creature, and Thanksgiving into one update...

Chimeraland adds a lava dragon and merges more servers, delays the release of child beasts and hungry flowers

There's been a new patch applied to Chimeraland, and while it does have some interesting pieces in it, it has had to shuffle some...

Chimeraland completes server merges and announces price hikes on iOS

Last week Chimeraland announced that it would be merging down its global servers after just three months of operation (and its low Steam numbers...

The MOP Up: Crossout revs up a major engine upgrade

Just because the world's ended doesn't mean it can't look better. That's the philosophy of vehicular MMO Crossout, which is prepping a major engine...

Chimeraland is merging its global servers after just three months, and yes you might lose your house

Chimeraland fans, if you've been thinking that the game's population is shrinking and is in need of a merge, then Level Infinite agrees with...

Perfect Ten: Ten quirky and interesting MMOs worth trying

Quite often while I'm writing columns for Massively OP, the catalyst behind a given topic is what interests me right then -- and, I...

Chimeraland adds a blueprint system, sea-themed building items, and food stations in latest update

Would you like to build an undersea-styled palace? Maybe eat some food before you fight a T-Rex? Or perhaps you'd like to fire a...

Chimeraland delays a patch that brings blueprints, merfolk, and gourmet food into September 23

We should all recognize at this stage in the game that Chimeraland just does things differently. How else can you combine merfolk, housing blueprints,...