Chimeraland adds a lava dragon and merges more servers, delays the release of child beasts and hungry flowers


There’s been a new patch applied to Chimeraland, and while it does have some interesting pieces in it, it has had to shuffle some previously announced features into a later update. In terms of what’s available now, there’s a new lava blazewyrm pet available, a couple more server merges, the ability to get more pet slots through the Spirit Orb, and the ability to fuse tribe verto stones.

As for what’s missing, the game’s Twitter account was further heralding the arrival of some new child beasts and a carnivore bloom that can apparently alter its appearance by devouring critters, but those two pieces of this current patch are being delayed into the next update due to unspecified technical issues.

sources: official site, Twitter (1, 2, 3, 4)
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