Survivalbox Chimeraland is stealth-launching a surprise new update today

Announcing MMO updates is so overrated


Earlier this week, we checked in on Chimeraland, finding the delightfully weird title had abandoned its website, social media presence, and Discord, leading us to assume that no word on further updates meant maintenance mode.

But our investigation has a happy twist: Reminded of the game by our article, MMO blogger and reader Bhagpuss decided to log into the client for nostalgia’s sake and was smacked with surprise patch notes for a brand-new update launching today. Of course, Pixel Soft didn’t put that update up on Steam or on the official website or in Discord… in fact, the update notes in-game cut off mid-sentence, which is not a great sign, but we’ll take it.

Bhagpuss kindly clipped the notes currently available, and yes, it is decidedly a weird thing to see. But the point is that the game may not be dead, but like the famous parrot, merely pining for the fjords. Hopefully this will prompt better (any?) communication from the studio in the future, since “weird game” should not mean “nonexistent communication.” We’re just happy to see this still alive.

Source: Inventory Full; thanks, Bhagpuss!
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