Chimeraland adds a blueprint system, sea-themed building items, and food stations in latest update


Would you like to build an undersea-styled palace? Maybe eat some food before you fight a T-Rex? Or perhaps you’d like to fire a bow at a creature in order to tell your companion to devour it? These things and more are part of the features available in Chimeraland’s newest patch, which has released today after its initial delay.

Some of the major pieces of the patch include a blueprint system that lets players pack up their house and redeploy it anywhere they want with one button press, with the only requirement being that it will need to be repaired once it’s done. Incidentally, if players don’t have the materials they need to repair their freshly moved house, the blueprint placement won’t be affected and will stay put until materials are gathered. On the subject of houses, the game has new seashell-themed building materials on offer.

Other features of the patch include the start of the underwater-themed Merfolk Hymn treasure hunt event, a new food station and gourmet station that lets players grab a bite and power up before heading out, a new Locksoul Bow weapon that targets creatures shot by it for devouring, a batch devour feature, and some events including one for returning players, a shell house building contest, and a survey that hints at the potential for new additions like Cthulu, druids, or aliens. Because Chimeraland.

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