Chimeraland delays a patch that brings blueprints, merfolk, and gourmet food into September 23


We should all recognize at this stage in the game that Chimeraland just does things differently. How else can you combine merfolk, housing blueprints, and a table full of gourmet food together? It’s a mishmash. An amalgamation. A chimera.

The survivalbox’s Twitter feed has been abuzz with previews for content updates coming in its next patch, which will include a Merfolk Hymn treasure hunt event full of merfolk-themed outfits and emotes, a home blueprint feature that lets players save a home into a blueprint to make moving a house easier, and two new stations that will let players get some grub, presumably without all of that pesky cooking.

All of this was set to go live tomorrow, September 22nd, but another tweet from the game confirms that the patch is being pushed back to the following day, Friday, September 23rd. Bad news if you wanted to be a merperson eating gourmet food, but good news if it means the patch will be better after the delay.

source: Twitter (1, 2, 3, 4)
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