Chimeraland’s December 8 update adds the continent of Northmount and a friendly hedgehog pet


The world of Chimeraland is going to expand this Thursday, December 8th, in a pretty significant way. The survivalbox’s Twitter account has been full of previews over the past few days, ultimately leading up to the final confirmation of a new continent coming to the game this week.

The region is called Northmount, and as its name suggests, it’s a pretty frosty place in terms of its biome, though it’s not without some unique flora and some lovely vistas. Gameplay features available in the land of Northmount include a human-faced goat tiger known as a vindkaldr, challenge-spawning scenic spots for players to find, a new sword, and some new resources to cultivate and collect. Finally, the update will add a friendly-looking hedgehog pet known as a howlhog.

More details are expected in the coming days along with the update’s patch notes, so interested players will probably want to continue to watch Chimeraland’s Twitter for more.

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