Temtem focuses on PvP with new season, ranked updates, and tournament features in latest patch

Tem Tem Two Twenty

If you’re the kind of Temtem player who enjoys doing battle against others, then you’re likely going to find a lot to like in the critter battling MMO’s latest update, which introduces a variety of features and updates that are tuned to make the competitive side of life a little more interesting.

Front and center is the new season called Days of Yore, which themes itself around medieval visuals in its related battle pass. Another centerpiece is a swath of changes to ranked play, with ranks and sub-ranks that replace Tamer Matchmaking Ranking (TMR), the addition of TMR decay and a subsequent change to the formula that calculates the metric, and seasonal rewards such as banners and titles.

The update also adds a showdown ranked format that lets players participate in ranked battles by assembling a team from a roster of fully trained Tems, which in turn lets players get into competitive play immediately. Incidentally, this means that the ranked ladder will be split into showdown and regular squads.

Finally, in-game tournaments can now be held, with the first being run by developer Crema available for sign-up. The tournament is scheduled for December 17th and will be used by the devs as a test bed for this new feature.

If you’re not the PvP’ing type, the new patch still has some things for you as well, including new battle environments, a beauty center to change a character’s physical appearance and name in exchange for feathers, improved Kiosh fishing, the introduction of elite kudos, and the addition of a Winterfest event that kicks off on December 12th. By and large, though, this update skews more to the competitive side of things.

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