Monsters & Memories preps for a friends and family playtest, hopes to ‘invite the broader community’ soon


Monsters & Memories, the indie MMORPG from Niche Worlds Cult, has made its regular monthly check-in to recount progress made on development in November, and it has some heartening news for those eager to get into the game and start testing. According to the update, the devs are working towards a December friends and family playtest, with the ultimate goal of getting the game to “a point where [they] can then invite folks from the broader community in to test things with [them] while [they] continue to work on [their] ‘proof of concept’ in 2023”

The idea is to have a test build operational in order to gather community feedback. It’s not necessarily an alpha test or even an indication that the game is nearing completion or ready to go live, so this potential test build will likely be extremely early. Still, it reads like development of the MMORPG is pressing forward to an important milestone, and the devs hope that December will go smoothly.

The rest of the update post otherwise recounts November’s feature progress including more cosmetic options, more locations, the addition of abilities and recipes, and some graphics optimization among other things. The full details are listed in the update.

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