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Temtem applies bug fixes and balance tweaks, Temtem Swarm shows off its first playable creature

Temtem - the MMO that's not really an MMO according to developer Crema - has put out a fresh adjustment patch for its ongoing...
Everything's going so well!

Temtem subreddit mods temporarily close the sub following Temtem Swarm uproar

So hey, things with Temtem are just going absolutely super. Last week, Crema Games insisted that it was still working on the main game...

Temtem launches a new season and adds a replay feature in latest update

The world of Temtem is using the winter season as an overall theme for its latest season-launching update as well as an overall focus...

Temtem closes its competitive esports tournament and associated Showdown standalone PvP side game

Allow us a moment to recap events before diving in to the headline above because this one is going to need some context. Last...

Temtem’s latest patch tweaks lairs, expands emote use, and fixes a huge list of bugs

Crema's critter capturing MMORPG Temtem has gotten itself a new patch that's light on content but heavy on fixes and adjustments, which might be...
Yes... the island.

Temtem delays its esports event until November as it wrestles with persistent patch 1.5 bugs

The end of September brought a new content patch to the critter catching MMORPG Temtem, but it also brought along with it a whole...
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Temtem game director defends standalone Showdown title as a ‘cost-efficient’ way to support the title

At the tail-end of June, Temtem developer Crema Games made the surprise reveal of Temtem Showdown, a free-to-play, PvP-centric standalone game. Since its release,...

Temtem Showdown is a free-to-play standalone game that gets you right into critter team PvP battling

What if you could play Temtem but wholesale ignore all of the story questing and creature capturing and MMORPG social elements in order to...
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Temtem squashes bugs to make combat ‘satisfying and fair’ while outlining upcoming balance plans

Considering Temtem's most recent major update is almost entirely about competition and challenge modes, you might think that turning the balance dials would be...

Temtem previews patch 1.3’s upcoming challenge modes, location, and next season

Last month, the critter catching MMO Temtem was offering some brief teases of content planned for patch 1.3. While there's still no hard release...
Tem Tem Two Twenty

Temtem focuses on PvP with new season, ranked updates, and tournament features in latest patch

If you're the kind of Temtem player who enjoys doing battle against others, then you're likely going to find a lot to like in...