Temtem delays its esports event until November as it wrestles with persistent patch 1.5 bugs

Yes... the island.

The end of September brought a new content patch to the critter catching MMORPG Temtem, but it also brought along with it a whole host of bugs and issues – enough of them that developer Crema Games is hitting the brakes on its TemCS esports events.

Readers may recall that Temtem started its esporting tournament at the beginning of this year, but a host of patch 1.5 bugs have put the kibosh on end-of-season scrums like the Interregional Qualifier, the LCQ, and the Temtem World Championship. Crema is eyeing a return to competition sometime in November after patch 1.5.1 goes live.

“Managing these bugs has been more complex than expected, and trying to fix them has caused unexpected effects,” the studio admits. “Upon further investigation on the issues, we have reached the conclusion that delaying the circuit was required in order to keep the tournaments integrity in place.”

Those who are looking to keep tabs on Crema’s wrestling with 1.5’s bugs have to head to the official Discord’s server status channel, which outlines the various hotfixes and updates made to Temtem over the course of the patch’s first launch week. As of right now a timetable for 1.5.1 is still nowhere to be found, but Crema is still crushing bugs, with the most recent update noting a fix for DigiLair egg trading and a rollback of an earlier attempted fix to the sacrifice technique that messed up other stage-affecting techniques.

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