Temtem enters the esports arena with the launch of the Temtem Championship Series


One of the features of Temtem’s recent PvP-centric update was the addition of tournament formation, which would let the critter catching MMO kick off competitive tournaments. If that feature’s arrival had the distinct whiff of esports upon it, then your nose was correct: Crema is planning to launch an esports tournament next year, with the opening volleys starting today.

The Temtem Championship Series, or TemCS for short, will pit three regions from across the globe against one another in best-of-three fights. Tournaments will have two stages, starting with a swiss stage that pits players against one another to qualify for the following double elimination bracket stage. There will also be three different types of tournaments – regional, interregional, and closed – each of which has its own type of sub-formats.

Ultimately, players will earn Tamer Ranking Points to earn spots in closed events, survive three different splits, and finally square off in a world championship. All of this esporting hoops-leaping does have its rewards, namely slices of a $60K cash prize pool as well as in-game novas and feathers. The TemCS itself will start its first splits in January, but players can check out what a Temtem tournament looks like by catching the replay of this morning’s livestream.

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