World of Warcraft welcomes the ‘fripperies and fineries’ of Winter Veil

Hooray, dead birds you set on fire! How did you know?

Winter Veil has begun in Azeroth, and with it come all the fripperies, fineries, and delectable comestibles of the holiday,” announced Blizzard last night.

As with previous years, there’s a host of activities to do, including going on quests for Smokeywood Pastures, seeking out the Abominable Greench, collecting holiday hats from dungeon bosses, and enjoying the various feasts lying around the cities.

Of course, if nothing else, all World of Warcraft players should log in on December 25th to open the bounty of presents left by Greatfather Winter.

The World of Warcraft annual holiday event kicked off on December 16th and will continue through January 2nd.

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