Temtem offers a closer look at gameplay features and the end of monetization coming in patch 1.7


The penultimate patch for the critter-catching MMO Temtem is nigh. Crema Games has offered up a sneak peek at patch 1.7, which will herald a new season, a new side activity, and most importantly, the end of monetization as updates to the game will soon dry up.

The main feature for this patch will, of course, be the removal of Nova cash shop currency in favor of Feathers: Activities and battle pass tiers that reward Novas will instead reward Feathers, existing Novas in player accounts will be rounded up to a multiple of 50, and players will get triple the Feathers from several activities. Purchases made in the game’s store will first spend Novas, then default to Feathers to make up any shortfall.

The patch is also launching a new season themed around neon, opening a new minigame-filled arcade bar, adding new gears and techniques for Tems, and promising balance adjustments for creatures to address certain pain points. A release date for this patch hasn’t been tied down yet, but full patch notes are expected on June 3rd.

Readers will remember that this update’s change to Temtem’s monetization model springboards from its tumultuous development, which saw developer Crema release and shutter a standalone side-game that failed to buoy the lagging MMO’s fortunes, followed by word of another spinoff title, all while Crema waffled on the original game’s MMOness until it finally confirmed that patch 1.8 will be Temtem’s last.

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