Extraction shooter Hawked launches Issue 2: Dark Arrival with new PvP ranked mode


MY.GAMES is blasting out a big update for Hawked as of today – and yes, it’s calling Hawked an “online treasure-hunting game” (OTHG?) as well as a multiplayer extraction shooter. Live on PC and console – and newly on Xbox One and EGS – is Issue 2: Dark Arrival, which promises to “elevate players’ treasure-hunting experience to new heights.”

“In Issue 2: Dark Arrival, players are thrust into the heart of a tumultuous conflict as the arrival of Vektr sends shockwaves through the world of Hawked,” the studio says. “Cybernetically-enhanced warriors and advanced drones have seized control of X-Isle, establishing outposts and fortresses across its shores. At the center of their conquest lies the excavation of the largest vault ever discovered on the island, rumored to contain the legendary Heart of the Island – a source of unparalleled power.”

Players can expect a new PvP ranked mode with associated ladder rewards, a new class cards build system and quests, and the new Renegade battle pass, which includes both a free track and a paid premium track.

It’s a bit hard to tell how the game is doing as it expands to more platforms; MY.GAMES’ press release suggests it blew up on console, but it didn’t put a dent in Steam, where “mixed” reviews complain about bots, grind, and matchmaking.

Source: Press release
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