Diablo II Resurrected launches its seventh ladder season today


There’s good news for fans of Diablo II: Resurrected who like blitzing through the OARPG as fast as possible to make it to the top of a leaderboard: The game’s seventh ladder season is on the horizon, arriving to players starting on today – Thursday, May 23rd.

This next seasonal ladder climb will otherwise be no different from the six that preceded it, with leaderboards for pre-expansion and standard versions of the game along with ladders for hardcore variants of both versions. Blizzard is further reminding players of what happens to the goodies crammed in their ladder characters’ stashes, just in case none of that information stuck the first few times.

Things in D2R are otherwise quiet, as the preceding patch on May 21st did nothing more than allow Korean players aged 19 and up access to the OARPG, although that’s certainly great for fans who were blocked before. Past that, it’s almost ladder climbing time once more.

Everything kicks off at 8 p.m. EDT tonight.

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