Temtem’s latest patch tweaks lairs, expands emote use, and fixes a huge list of bugs


Crema’s critter capturing MMORPG Temtem has gotten itself a new patch that’s light on content but heavy on fixes and adjustments, which might be good news for those players who take on lairs or have run into any number of bugs.

The adjustments portion of the update primarily focuses on the Pansun Sanctum lair, with a reduced possibility of getting Neutral or Crystal Tems, an increased chance of getting Water, Nature and Digital Tems, and a shift of the Nature to Toxic bonus, which has been changed to Toxic to Nature. Lairs overall are also getting improved bonuses, reduced revive costs for mythical lairs, and an increased jewel entry cost for DigiLairs.

The vast majority of the patch attacks a healthy list of bugs in order to end hard locks and crashes, multiplayer interaction oddities, and some visual errors, among many other things. Finally, a large number of emotes can now be used when doing things like sitting, surfing, spectating, or crystal skating. The update notes offer every granular detail players could want.

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