Final Fantasy XI fires up the Harvest Festival once again

Leave it alone, I'm chilling.

Veterans of Final Fantasy XI are quite accustomed to the game’s Harvest Festival by this point. There are both tricks and treats, and several of the treats by adventurer standards (like new cosmetic gear) are obtained by intentionally participating in tricks. This is familiar content that comes around once a year like clockwork. But if you were looking forward to getting to participate in all of the seasonal goodness once again, the fact that it has come around once more like clockwork isn’t a bug, it’s a feature. A feature full of candy, even.

The official page lists all of the events players can take part in like always, from taking part in a masquerade contest to helping moogles drive off would-be intruders once again. You know, as you have before. As with prior years, there’s nothing new to entice players who have already thoroughly explored the event in the past. But if you still have a treat or two you’re looking forward to? Take part in the festival now before it ends once more on November 6.

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