Temtem previews patch 1.3’s upcoming challenge modes, location, and next season


Last month, the critter catching MMO Temtem was offering some brief teases of content planned for patch 1.3. While there’s still no hard release date on just when those features will arrive, there is a much more in-depth look at the patch’s content for fans to ogle.

The previously announced challenge mode has now expanded into three challenge modes: Nuzlocke, which operates just like the player-made challenge in Pokemon; Randomlocke, which does what it says on the tin as it randomizes almost every aspect of the Nuzlocke mode; and Speedrun, which is also rather self-explanatory in that players have to blitz through the game as fast as possible.

While challenge modes are the highlight feature for patch 1.3, there will be other things to look forward to on top, like the Nanto Labs area that lets players trade in Luma Tems for “a very sus currency” called Luma Drops, which in turn can be used to purchase previously unavailable items like rare dyes and the TemCardX that guarantees a creature capture. Finally, ranked season 2 rewards will be doled out and a new season will go live with another bundle of cosmetics to chase.

source: Steam
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