Wurm Online heralds holy sites, rotating item skins, PvP server updates, and colorful rugs for March


There seems to be a little bit of everything for the Wurm Online player this month, whether it’s exploring the previously tested holy sites on the live server, PvP changes coming to the Defiance PvP server, or draping colorful rugs, there is a lot going on this month.

First, the holy sites content in question is confirmed for a March 7th release, bringing three such locations for players to explore and benefits from each deity awaiting within. That same date will also bring a new update to the Defiance PvP server that adds player made kingdoms. On the subject of the server, future planned updates are on the horizon like a rework of the reputation system, making Hunt of the Ancients alliance-based instead of kingdom-based, and changes to the king system.

As for what else is coming in March, players can look forward to the ability to dye carpets in a variety of bold (or garish) colors and the opportunity to earn previous weapon skins again as they return on a rotating basis; information about this feature is expected in a separate post later once details are pinned down.

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