Conan Exiles outlines upcoming golem shaping mechanics and the journey system revamp


While you can put people under your thrall in Conan Exiles now, it’s arguably a bigger flex to make golems that follow you around and do your bidding. That’s one of the big ticket features of the survivalbox’s third Age of Sorcery chapter and it’s the focus of a recent dev blog that details the mechanics of golem shaping.

The system all starts at a golem workbench and the guardian assembly station, both of which work in concert to craft golem parts that are slotted in to build a robo-friend. The quality of the golem is dependent on the materials used, but all golems require blood crystals. Deeper customization comes with attaching weapons to arms, adding special items to body slots, and coating golem bodies in tar or brimstone to enact special PBAOE effects when hit. It’s all looking like a pretty deep system.

For those who are eager to kick the golem tires (as well as everything else in Chapter 3), the PC PTR has opened up the content for testing, bringing the aforementioned golem shaping features along with the journey system overhaul, new encounter, and a host of stability improvements.

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