Conan Exiles previews Age of Sorcery’s new story content, animated golems, and journey system revamp


The third chapter in the Age of Sorcery looms over Conan Exiles, and the devs at Funcom are eager to tell players all about it in both dev blog form and livestream form. This new chapter brings the continuing story centered around Korak, who will be the centerpiece of a boss dungeon, while Mek-kamoses’ Spire promises to share “the precipice before which everyone stands.”

Other features of this new chapter include a revamp of the journey system that promises “unexpected adventures with valuable rewards” for new and returning players, the ability to shape golems that can do new things like gather resources, and a new battle pass and bazaar cosmetics to look forward to. The features of this next update were previewed in a livestream yesterday; that video waits below the cut.

In other Exiles news, PS4 and Xbox players now have some new stability patches for their chosen platforms, which apply similar improvements made to the PC version. These patches also address some issues with placeables and apply a few bug fixes on top.

sources: official site, YouTube, official forums (1, 2)
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