Whatever happened to ‘multi-user roguelike’ Apsis Online?


We’ve been covering the development trajectory of Apsis Online for some time now, from its first incarnation in 2019 to its design shift as a “multi-user roguelike” (MUR) in 2020 all the way to its aspirations for a 2021 release. That said, it has been some time since this one blipped on our radar, so allow us all to catch back up.

Since we’re now into 2022, it’s pretty obvious that the game’s launch on Steam hasn’t materialized, instead moving into the more nebulous “coming soon” launch window. In the meantime, the game has been recently seeking Linux testers for version 5 of the game, and has even more recently released version 6. Interested users can follow the link embedded below for the new build as well as the game’s new user handbook.

sources: Steam official site (1, 2), Twitter
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