MMOs you’ve never heard of: Swordsman X, Grounds of Glory, Dekaron, KAL Online, and Apsis Online


Howsabout another fun roundup of MMOs and other online games you’ve never heard of – or have totally forgotten about? Let’s do it.

Were you bummed when Swordsman sunsetted last year? You can get your Wuxia on again someday as it turns out, since Dream Game Studio is bringing it back as a mobile game dubbed Swordsman X, at least in China.

If you’re not a Chinese mobile gamer for some reason reading Massively OP, but you still want some martial arts action, take a peek at KAL Online, a 2004 MMORPG with a heavy focus on PvP. Yes, the international server is still going!

I haven’t heard about “extreme action MMORPG” Dekaron in years, but as our tipster pointed out, it’s still going under Papaya Play. It even got a patch last week. (You might remember it from when it was called 2Moons!)

Then there’s Grounds of Glory, which is billed as an “online arena-based PvP game” with “destructible elements, proper projectile collision and reactive spells and abilities. Its fast-paced and action-packed combat is heavily dependant on positioning, reaction speed and aiming your projectiles.”

Finally, a game called Apsis Online dropped in our inboxes this week: It’s apparently an ASCII “minimalist MMO” based on a single-player game called First Paradise (which you can play from inside Apsis). Here’s how the developer described it to us.

“The premise revolves around the idea of a decaying but advanced human society [that] is forced to deploy its military elite to find other star systems and in turn planets to settle in order to save the species. Some features include walking around your ship (which is important to me at least), genetic engineering (because life in space sucks without it), surface deployement, fiunding settlements and growing them into a governable and player-owned colonies. Diplomacy, trade etc. The game is currrently in V1 and in an open testing phase for Linux users. The project will be Unix oriented with Windows builds being scheduled for a later date.”

Spy anything else we’ve never covered? Let us know! We’d love to include it in this irregular column!

With thanks to George and Panagiotis!
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