MMOs You’ve Never Heard of: Hawked, Glassbreakers, Jam Cloud 95, WorldShards


Welcome back to another quick run-down of some MMOs and multiplayer titles you’ve probably never heard of. If you have, then you get exactly one piece of Halloween candy. Yes, Halloween started September 1st. I don’t make the rules.

Hawked – Hawked is MY.GAMES’ new F2P PvPvE extraction shooter that isn’t shy at all about its Fortnite inspo. Earlier this month, the game ran a crossplay open beta, though it’s over now and the studio says it’s poring over feedback and “pushing forward with [its] next steps.”

“HAWKED is an extraction-shooter in which teams of three players race to collect and extract Artifacts from a remote island called X-Isle. Players (also known as Renegades) compete against each other to secure and extract Artifacts that can only be reached by fighting monsters, other players, solving puzzles and avoiding traps. The first team to successfully extract Artifacts from the island wins the session. To ensure that every session is rewarding, players can also extract smaller treasures, and leave the island (dead or alive) with useful currency they can spend on improving their character.”

GlassbreakersGlassbreakers is a “competitive multiplayer” game from Polyarc destined for the Meta Quest 2 and other VR platforms and in early access now. “In Glassbreakers, players reach in and choose their combination of three Champions from a growing roster of the most heroic, villainous, and notorious inhabitants from the world of Moss,” the company says. “Each Champion has their own unique abilities that complement the others on their squad and match up against the opposition in a myriad of consequential ways. Players can face off with friends in private games or match with similarly skilled players in the community—either way, they won’t know which Champions are on the other side until the battle begins. Every game presents its own unique opportunities and challenges as ever-changing squad combinations, board objectives, and playstyles bring endless variety to this exciting game of tactics, magic, and power.”

Jam Cloud 95 – Here’s one we heard of thanks to a spotlight on Reddit, and it’s actually an MMORPG, though of the 2-D sprite variety; it’s currently playable in browser (for free) with a standalone client (paid) on the way. The beta game promises open–world exploration, solo and co-op play, plenty of combat options, and an “ever-expanding world.”

WorldShards – Studio L1523kick Games bills WorldShards as a “life sim sandbox MMORPG” where you can “create your dream island paradise” as you “build, explore, and master progressions,” and indeed the game is slotted into the MMO bin on Steam. However, it looks more like a fleshed-out survival sandbox to us; there’s even an option to play fully solo.

“WorldShards is a sandbox MMORPG set in a fantasy world that consists of flying islands. This once prosperous planet, populated with furry meowkles, was shattered into pieces in a terrible cat-a-strophe and was then subjected to an invasion by brutal usurpers – the wargs. Players will have to explore fragments of an ancient world, fight back against the wargs and their treacherous king, and find a way to restore the world of meowkles to its former glory.”

A closed beta is apparently underway, though Steam has no launch window posted.

Spot any more MMOs that we should cover in this roundup? Drop us a tip!

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