black desert

Official Site: Black Desert (EN), Black Desert (KR)
Studio: Pearl Abyss/Daum Games
Launch Date: March 3, 2016
Genre: Fantasy Hybrid Sandbox
Business Model: B2P (Cash Shop) in the West (F2P elsewhere)
Platform: PC

Black Desert Mobile launches the Drakania awakening as PC continues faction PvP balancing

Black Desert continues its frenzied pace of updating this week across its multiple versions. Let's begin with the splashiest: In Black Desert Mobile, the...

Black Desert launches the Scholar on console as it celebrates four years of crossplay

Now listen, I've been married to a real-life scholar for a long time, and the only hammer I've ever seen him pick up is...

The Stream Team: Celebrating Black Desert Online’s 8th birthday

Time sure flies! Massively OP's MJ remembers way back when Black Desert Online first came out and all the fun she had exploring the...

Black Desert celebrates 55M registered players and €2B revenue since 2014

It's not every day that we get hard numbers out of MMORPG studios, but Pearl Abyss has brought some big ones for Black Desert...
Oddly beautiful.

The MOP Up: Aion, Lineage 2, and Blade and Soul get ready for a new launcher

Blade and Soul, Lineage II, and Aion are all preparing to migrate everyone from the old launcher to the new PLAYNC platform. NCsoft posted...

The Daily Grind: Which MMO could use a rebrand?

Indulge me, MMO fans, for just a minute for a makeup analogy. If you follow makeup trends, you know that for the last year...

Black Desert makes class adjustments on PC, changes accessory upgrades on console, revamps mobile instances

Black Desert doesn't appear to be resting on its laurels despite the game celebrating 3,333 days of life, as every version of the MMORPG...

Desert Oasis: Black Desert has grown so much in its 3333 days of life

Black Desert is celebrating 3333 days of operation today. That's a little over nine years, with plenty more in store. The Scholar class just...

Pearl Abyss Q4 2023: Well at least EVE Online had a good financial year

Pearl Abyss, best known to MMO fans for Black Desert and CCP Games' EVE Online, has continued its humdrum financial performance in Q4 2023,...

Black Desert celebrates anniversaries and Valentine’s Day on PC and console, applies minor updates on mobile

It's a season of celebration in the console and PC versions of Black Desert this week, as both MMORPGs are marking some specific anniversaries...

Black Desert talks up 300v300 War of the Roses PvP and today’s 15v15 Guild League

Black Desert is taking a page out of EVE Online's playbook and promoting its mass-PvP systems - specifically, the War of the Roses pre-season...

Massively Overthinking: Do you care more about MMO stats or looks?

This week's Massively Overthinking is fully inspired by the unicorn backpack meme, which Black Desert studio Pearl Abyss tweeted out last week with the caption "stats over looks any day." You know we have to talk about this.

Black Desert PC launches new Yzrahid Highlands monster zone, new costume, and lifeskill QOL

Black Desert PC fans, prepare your endgame toons and your closets because Pearl Abyss has content for both this week. "Seasoned adventurers will be pleased...

Black Desert improves Magnus travel on PC, combines elixirs on console, expands Kamasylvia on mobile

It's another update-rich week for every version of Black Desert as all three editions of the title have adjustments, improvements, tweaks, and other pseudonyms...

Massively Overthinking: The slowest and fastest combat in MMORPGs

During a recent podcast discussion about City of Heroes' official revival, the MOP writers were talking about its combat, which - let's be honest...

Black Desert Mobile celebrates 1500th day with gift code as PC preps for Lunar New Year

Counting the days and not the years sounds like a weird thing to do until you get to a big number like 1500 -...

Black Desert hands out powerful items and horses on console, adds more skills to Scholars on PC

There was a lot going on in last week's Black Desert Console, but just in case it slipped your notice, console players of the...

One Shots: A beacon for a new year

Welcome to 2024 everyone! Please put your carry-ons safely underneath your seats, secure your kobold companions, and don't hesitate to light a big ball...

Black Desert tweaks the Scholar on PC and opens the Calpheon Elvia realm on console

Black Desert on PC has applied some class adjustments in this week's patch. That's probably not news considering this sort of thing happens in...

Black Desert lead devs share well-wishes and coupon codes with players to mark the new year

The beginning of 2024 is being looked ahead by lead devs of Pearl Abyss, as Black Desert on PC and console and Black Desert...