Black Desert PC expands its music instrument feature to all classes, Black Desert Mobile adds new gear


Were you excited by the prospect of playing an instrument in Black Desert but bummed that the feature was limited to the Shai class? Then you might be delighted to learn that the latest patch for the PC version of the MMORPG has allowed every class to play an instrument. Presumably, this wasn’t possible before because all of the other denizens of the realm didn’t know how to hold a flute correctly or died in tragic lute-based accidents. Though we might be interpolating here.

The proliferation of musical instruments to every class has come with some obvious updates to the music system in terms of unlocks, but basically players can earn the three different tiers of instruments either with silver purchases, by completing quests, or through specific crafting. In addition, the patch has added five new instruments in the form of a horn, a clarinet, and three sweet electric guitars.

There’s more than just music for everyone, as the patch has also kicked off the guild league trial period with some lowered player number requirements, made further simplifications for black stones, and engaged a variety of events. The patch notes share all of the new details, as does a video package after the break.

Meanwhile, Black Desert Mobile players can now get their hands on new eidolic gear provided they complete a specific quest. This new tier of equipment is intended to provide another way for players to hit +9 gear enhancement, though the notes point out that players can attempt to hit this new tier on a new piece of gear only every two months. The patch has also added more ways to enter the chaos rift instance, simplified certain Tower of Trials instances, and improved guild rush rewards.

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