Black Desert talks up 300v300 War of the Roses PvP and today’s 15v15 Guild League


Black Desert is taking a page out of EVE Online’s playbook and promoting its mass-PvP systems – specifically, the War of the Roses pre-season event that ran last weekend, followed up by today’s 15v15 guild league launch.

First, on Sunday, War of the Roses saw a “historic clash” between NA and EU guilds in a 300v300 PvP campaign. “Conditions are simple,” says Pearl Abyss. “Each castle houses an NPC commander, and factions must storm the opponent’s castle to defeat their respective NPC Commander. The first to defeat the general claims victory and is adorned with the prestigious Rose crown.”

Second, the patch today on PC rolls out the updated Guild League, smaller guild-centered PvP content.

“Guild League is a brand new 15v15 PvP mode offering guilds the opportunity to test their combat prowess against each other. When the Guild League content is active, guilds that have signed up to participate are matched against each other. This content is specifically designed to make PvP content more accessible and fun. Guildmates are encouraged to work together and challenge other guilds whilst scoring points for much needed bragging rights. Guilds with 1,000 points (100 kills) or a higher score at the end of the match time win!”

Finally, over in the mobile edition of the game, players are invited to explore the newly opened Land of the Sherekhan and dive into succession skills for every class.

Pearl Abyss is planning a 3 p.m. EST stream this afternoon to recap the War of the Rose battles, but it’s released a run-down in a new video in the meantime:

Source: Patch notes, press release
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