Black Desert PC launches new Yzrahid Highlands monster zone, new costume, and lifeskill QOL


Black Desert PC fans, prepare your endgame toons and your closets because Pearl Abyss has content for both this week.

“Seasoned adventurers will be pleased to learn they can hunt high-level monsters in the new ‘Yzrahid Highlands’ monster zone packed with high-value goods,” the studio says. “This active new environment, the fourth addition to the territory, is in Ulukita’s cold, harsh southern region.” Players will need at least 310 AP and 420 DP to take on these mobs, in exchange for new drops.

Also on deck in today’s update is a revamped system for Life and vitality crystals, as the team promised during the last Calpheon Ball: “Initially divided into various life content types, such as gathering, fishing, hunting, and cooking, they will now unify into one.”

The new outfit – the most important thing in this update, of course – is the Academia costume, which PA says is just the first part of its plans to “bring more costume variety” to the game.

Source: Press release
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