Black Desert makes class adjustments on PC, changes accessory upgrades on console, revamps mobile instances


Black Desert doesn’t appear to be resting on its laurels despite the game celebrating 3,333 days of life, as every version of the MMORPG has seen something new and pretty sizeable added to it. So without further ado, let’s dig in.

Most of the latest PC patch is about class adjustments, particularly in the case of succession Nova and Striker, awakening Witch, succession Kunoichi, and both flavors of the Warrior class. Other highlights for this week’s update include two more guild league battlefields, UI updates, and a few general fixes. PC players are also being alerted to a host of new events as well as the return of the 300 vs. 300 War of the Roses, which will begin a third pre-season battle on March 3rd.

For console players, this week is headlined with updates to PEN V accessory upgrades, which lets players improve accessories up to twice per family through an exclusive UI instead of a quest, along with a proliferation of imperial horse deliveries to all stables instead of those in major cities, changes to weekly barrier of infestation quests and rewards, and a host of crystal adjustments.

Finally, mobile players are getting revamps to the content instances of Boss Rush, Ancient Ruins, and Alyaelli’s Rift, with an eye to simplifying these features for new players and increasing overall rewards. The patch has also introduced new chaotic crystals that can be affixed to gear, made a few class updates, and kicked off several new events.

sources: Black Desert PC site (1, 2), Black Desert console site, Black Desert Mobile site
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