Black Desert celebrates anniversaries and Valentine’s Day on PC and console, applies minor updates on mobile


It’s a season of celebration in the console and PC versions of Black Desert this week, as both MMORPGs are marking some specific anniversaries and the wider Valentine’s Day holiday. Either way, there are goodies and gifts awaiting players, which is always nice regardless of the reason.

For PC players, this week’s patch begins a Valentine’s-themed screenshot contest and the return of the Valentine’s Day adventure log for players to complete, while the patch content itself primarily makes tweaks to the War of the Roses PvP activity, applies adjustments to the guild league, and makes some telegraph updates to the Seculion monster as one of the highlights.

One of the bigger celebrations for BDO PC is its upcoming eighth anniversary, which will feature unique titles, login rewards, a redeemable item code (8YEA-RANN-IVER-SARY), and more through the next couple of months. A summary video can be seen below to get players prepared.

BDO Console also marks Valentine’s Day this week with its own screenshot contest and free goodies when players send a letter to a GM, followed by a four-year crossplay anniversary event that dishes out loyalty items each day from February 15th through March 5th.

Finally, BDO Mobile’s weekly patch is mostly about making some minor adjustments to classes, a few bug fixes, and some updates to UI elements and visuals; it’s not a particularly beefy patch comparatively speaking, but it likely still features some things for mobile fans to look forward to.

sources: BDO PC site (1, 2), BDO console site, BDO mobile site
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