EverQuest II begins selling level 125 boost bundles


There’s a new way to skip over levels and jet right to the top in EverQuest II — provided that you have the disposable income. Daybreak announced that it’s now selling level 125 “Darkpaw Hero Adventuring Boosts” to get people right to the latest Ballads of Zimara expansion. This isn’t, of course, the first time the game has sold boosts as it’s done so for years – just the first time the level of the boost has been lifted to 125.

This boost comes in a bundle that also includes a research unlock, research boosters, status bounty consumables, a level 125 epic class spell, currency, and a choice of a grandmaster spell.

And for music lovers, EverQuest II made its second soundtrack volume available on streaming services: “We have Volume 2 for February consisting of Visions of Vetrovia, which is 23 minutes in length, and Reign of Shadows which is 25 minutes in length!”

Source: EverQuest II
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