EverQuest II outlines progression server plans, offers paid 110 character boosters

EverQuest II’s recent offerings have a little bit of something for everyone. For example, if you just want to leap to the endgame in the current live patched-up version of the long-running MMO, you can buy up one of Daybreak’s newish character boosters. This isn’t the first time Daybreak has offered character boosts, of course; the studio has passed them out rather generously several times in the last few years. This latest version will run you around $35, though, and will boost you to 110.

“A Level 110 Heroic Boost is now available in the Marketplace. The Level 110 Heroic Boost can be purchased for 3500 DBC and will set an adventurer’s level to 110. Using the boost will also increase your Alternate Advancement points to 320, grant you a crate of level 110 equipment, and a flying mount! If you’re an All Access Member, you’ll also receive an additional 10% off your boost (and more).”

If you’re more the old-school type or can’t fathom why anyone would want to leap ahead when you can go back in time, then you’ll want to take a peek at EverQuest II’s latest progression server FAQs instead. Both servers are launching on March 16th in celebration of the EQ franchise’s 20th anniversary this month. Nagafen is a “seasonal PvP server” with free-for-all PvP and staggered content launches – and an endpoint, meaning your characters will ultimately be wiped. Kaladim, on the other hand, is a “time-locked expansion server” that’s a bit more traditional in nature, with slow content rollout and leveling, minimal cash shop intrusion, and no transfers. A sub is required for both servers.


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Tim Anderson

Our SoL community is already three groups strong and growing, ready for the March 16th drop of Kaladim :) Looking forward to spending a few months re-delving the Shattered Lands as we work our way down the wait to WoW Classic.

Wilhelm Arcturus

I keep forgetting that they plan to wipe Nagafen every three months. As the kids say, this will end well.