Black Desert adds lifeskill gear upgrades while the mobile version gets a new region

meaty gear

For players of Black Desert Mobile, today’s update is going to provide a whole lot of fun stuff within the new Donghae Province. Are there monsters to fight there? Yes. So many monsters that the region has the highest CP requirements in the game. Can you obtain the Gourd Bottle of Fox-sealing? You sure can! At long last, your unsealed foxes are no longer going to be a problem. Can you summon the boss Duoksini? Yes! That is entirely the point, summoning Duoksini! Can you see why kids love Cinnamon Toast Crunch? Presumably, but that one is not a function of the region. It’s sugar-covered cereal. It tastes nice.

Meanwhile, desktop players in Black Desert are going to be having their own somewhat more subdued party, because the update is allowing players to use Cron Stones to enhance lifeskill equipment. It’s not that lifeskill gear couldn’t be enhanced before, but rather that it relied upon a fixed chance of success; now you use Cron Stones and get a reliable success, just like other parts of the game. Sometimes you will be using quite a large number of Cron Stones, as it happens. But isn’t it worth it to ensure successful enhancement? Contemplate this as you peruse the patch notes for both versions.

Source: Official Site (1, 2)
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