Valheim shows off armor and weapons approaching with the Ashlands

Suitable for Bodylande.

When your viking is out in the lands of Valheim striding across the Ashlands, what is your first priority? No, it is not dying a glorious death to be assured that you will reach Valhalla; death just respawns you in this game and statistically you died to a tree. You will not reach Valhalla. Your priority is looking awesome, and so the latest development diary from the team is all about showing off some of the armor, structures, and weapons you will be exploring in the Ashlands.

Aside from a new armor set that looks like a smoky dark set of magic-using armor and a foreboding keep, the diary also shows off some more finished screens of the weaponry players will be finding. This is in specific reaction to players who felt like the early versions didn’t look very good, with the new versions having more appropriate flare and magical effects. Check out the full rundown on the official site.

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