Valheim targets Ashlands for the first half of 2024, shows off foods, plants, and ‘absolutely badass’ armor

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Valheim has posted its final dev blog for 2023, which is once more all about the ongoing Ashlands biome update, and it leads off with some important news: Iron Gate is targeting this new biome’s arrival for sometime in the first half of 2024. Players can expect a round of public testing before it arrives to the early access build, with timing likely to be announced later.

As for the rest of the post, it once again offers up a few visual teases for players, such as a small spread of new food items, a look at some of the new crops that can be cultivated in the region (yes, apparently plants can survive volcanic conditions), and a preview of some character armor that’s designed to make characters look “absolutely badass.”

The post also offered up a video chat with some of the game’s devs who walk (in-game) and talk (over mic, duh) about creating the Ashlands, including how the biome got its start, the mechanical considerations the devs consider, the more open nature of its development, and the promise that it will be released when it’s “finished” and “good.”

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