Lord of the Rings Online apparently once considered non-combat classes


With Christmas and New Years looming in the near future, Standing Stone Games is getting ready to send its devs on a well-deserved holiday break for a couple of weeks. Therefore, this past Friday’s dev streams for LOTRO and DDO will be the final ones for 2023, with the weekly comms resuming in the new year.

For LOTRO, an Ill Omens event and Update 38.2 should be arriving in mid-January, followed by the 2024 roadmap in January or February. A big end-of-year meeting between SSG and Daybreak was also mentioned, with the studios vowing to increase relationships with content creators and up its social media presence.

And here’s a fun tidbit! Did you know that LOTRO once considered adding a non-combat class? “The idea of having non-combat classes has been kicking around since the beginning (I suggested a Gardener class in my interview when I applied at Turbine back in 2005!),” said Game Designer Jeff Libby, “and it’s a neat idea — it’s just a very difficult thing to implement and make fun when so much of the rest of the game requires combat in some form or another.”

Source: YouTube, 2
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