Funcom’s Dune Awakening is readying another closed beta test for early 2024


Funcom is continuing to inch along with playtests for the Dune Awakening survival MMO – in fact, the one it opened sign-ups for a month ago is already over, and it’s moving on to the next one.

“Our teams have made significant progress and we’re ready to start the Closed Beta phase,” Funcom writes.

“The first playtest took place in early December with a very limited number of players descending on Arrakis to survive deadly hazards on the most dangerous planet in the universe. We kept it small on purpose and are incredibly grateful to everyone who showed interest by signing up and to those who were selected, played the game, and gave us their constructive feedback. We have gained good insights and want to keep the momentum going. We have another test coming up and have sent out emails to a new pool of players in the last few days. Check your inboxes to see if you are among the limited group invited to a playtest early next year, but please be discreet and refrain from public celebrations.”

The studio concludes by promising more closed beta events for players who don’t get into this one, in addition to “cool stuff planned for the coming months.”

Source: Discord
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