Throne and Liberty announces plans for a global launch on PC and consoles in the first half of 2023


Last week Throne and Liberty promised a “director’s preview” that suggested the game had something big to say. Sure enough, that preview video has premiered and made some big reveals, including plans for a global release on PCs and consoles sometime in the first half of 2023.

The video then looks through TL’s feature set, including its seamless open world complete with a weather system that can change its landscape and trigger events, seamless dungeons that span multiple floors and have multiple entrances, a class-free system that lets players choose their combat role through picking up weapons as well as switch between two different weapons, and opt-in regional PvP features. The game also talks up a memorial system that opens content up sequentially as players progress.

The full preview video can be found below; it’s spoken and subtitled in Korean (obviously) but there are English subtitles that can be turned on.

sources: press release, YouTube
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