The Division 2 is coming to Steam on January 12

Oh, look over there, it's an installed base.

If you’ve been refusing to pick up The Division 2 until it arrived on Steam… well, goodness, you’ve been waiting a while. We applaud your self-control. And your wait continues, but only for a little while longer, as the game is arriving on Steam on January 12th, 2023. You can see the game’s Steam page right here, although if you’ve been looking forward to the game for a while all of the features should be pretty familiar.

The game’s arrival on Steam coincides with Ubisoft moving several of its titles to Valve’s storefront after a long delay, a process which started with Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla back on December 6th. So if you’d wanted to roam around post-disaster Washington DC shooting people but didn’t want to do so by installing another digital storefront to concern yourself with… well, you get access to the whole shebang directly in early January next year. As mentioned prior, your restraint and patience is commendable.

Source: Steam
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