Dune Awakening’s February playtest will apparently be the largest Funcom has ever run


“Many of you have been asking about betas for Dune Awakening,” Funcom’s latest video about the survival MMO says. So surely that means it’s going to give some concrete details about those betas in said video? Especially with the new movie just a few weeks away? Oh, my sweet summer child. In fact, the latest vertical video from the studio features lead community dev Kamil Wojtas talking up the ongoing NDA-locked closed betas (which you are probably not in) and vaguely discussing the next one (which you are also probably not in).

“We are expanding on the pool of players invited to test the game, making the upcoming playtest the largest we have ever had,” Wojtas teased in last night’s video. Then he reiterated that PC players should sign up for their chance to get in.

Fortunately, this morning Funcom has now filled in what was missing from the video itself with a Discord message setting the PC test for February.

“We have started sending invites already, and some of you received a broken link – this has now been fixed, and everyone affected should have received a secondary email from us,” the company says. “This PC-only test will take place in February, and similar to all previous tests, our primary mechanism for selecting players for this test phase is the beta profile survey. If you don’t want to sign the NDA or prefer to wait for later tests, as long as you have already signed up for the beta on the official Dune: Awakening website, you can sit back and relax as we have noted your interest.” There’s an extra chance to get in for reacting to said message on Discord, too.

Source: Twitter
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