Dune Awakening reportedly begins sending out closed beta invites


While Dune: Awakening appears to have failed to strike the hot iron of the recent movie’s popularity, it is making something akin to forward momentum, as fans on the MMORPG subreddit are reporting that closed beta invites are arriving to inboxes.

The whole thing is really just that simple, with emails confirming that keys will be sent out provided players sign an NDA; copied text from the email reads that those who refuse the NDA agreement will instead be informed of when an NDA-free test begins. It looks as if timing for the test is otherwise up in the air, with some reporting they haven’t gotten a key yet while others say they have. There also are no details on how long testing will run, but rest assured tests are starting.

Meanwhile, Funcom is continuing to use YouTube Shorts to disseminate information, with its latest TikTok-at-home video about a player’s first steps into the survival sandbox. First and foremost is finding water from plants, then getting resources to craft tools, after which base building becomes available. It’s pretty standard survivalbox fare, but it’s got a Dune soundtrack, so that’s something perhaps.

sources: Reddit, YouTube
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