Guild Wars 2’s Super Adventure Box – and part of an unfinished World 3 – is live ahead of April Fools’ Day 2023


Guild Wars 2’s Super Adventure Festival is live for the April Fools’ season as of today with all the usual features and tweaks. Players should take a peek at the patch notes to see what’s new; we spy new meta-cheevos, new armor pieces, a new weapon set, new guild deco, and more. ArenaNet has also renamed Infantile mode to Exploration mode (Reddit is very mad about this; it’s very important to keep up GW2’s unassailable reputation as the absolute hardest-core MMO with the meanest and most serious April Fools’ Day prank zone, after all).

But what has players most excited is a huge hint that a third SAB world is actually en route. If you run up to the third door inside SAB, there’s a readable note from Moto seeking “skilled Box enthusiasts to help debug a TEST ZONE”; follow the quest and Moto lets you inside the third world. It’s unfinished, of course, as Moto warns repeatedly, but just the fact that it exists portends content to come, although ArenaNet says we shouldn’t get our hopes up (way too late for that).

“This year, Moto is inviting heroes to the Test Zone,* a new area he’s working on! The choya miners are still carving it out, so it’s not completely finished—but Moto will welcome your help testing the area that is available! To visit the Test Zone, pick up the note on the door of the World 3 House in the Hub and follow the instructions. Have fun! *The Test Zone is presented as is and should not be viewed as World 3 confirmed, either express or implied. Moto, Lord Vanquish, and other residents of the Super Adventure Box will not be held liable for injuries sustained in the Super Adventure Box. Baubles not intended for human (or charr, asura, norn, or sylvari) consumption.”

Meanwhile… turtles.

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