The Division 2 threatens to ban players over XP glitches that are causing server instability


Apparently, players have found a way to earn loads of XP in The Division 2, but doing so is causing the game’s servers to strain, which in turn is now rousing Ubisoft to threaten those players with a ban if they’re caught doing it, starting with a 14-day ban for a first offense and a permanent ban for repeat offenders; it’s not clear whether these bans are being threatened for current behavior or past behavior.

The exploit in question appears to be associated with a mission against Faye Lau, which sees it restart under certain circumstances and reload multiple enemies that can then be slaughtered over and over with what looks like near impunity. A similar bug also reportedly affecting a mission against Anderson.

The problem, as one Redditor explains, is that the game is being forced to load multiple assets like enemies, animations, effects and so on, which in turn bogs down the server. “It happens with any game where you load too many assets or reactions at once,” the player explains. “Place 10k blocks of TNT in Minecraft and set it off. You’re lucky if your machine wakes up in 10 minutes to show you the crater.”

Several fans of the game are reacting unkindly to the announcement, with many pointing out that Ubisoft should fix the problem instead of swinging a banhammer at players. Others claim that these exploits have been at least a month old and Ubisoft is late to react. Still others are readying their popcorn for the drama to come.

sources: Twitter, Reddit (1, 2), YouTube (1, 2)
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