Dune Awakening: Religion yes, player messiahs no


With Dune Part 2 in theaters and Funcom kicking Dune Awakening’s hype into high gear, it’s hard not to be swept up in the sandy thrills of Arrakis right now. Earlier this week, the studio delivered a trailer, preview, and interview about the upcoming survival MMO, and now it looks like Funcom isn’t inclined to clam up again.

On Twitter, the studio gave a hint as to how it will be handling the religious themes from the books, saying, “We agree that religion is an integral part of the Dune universe. This is why in Dune Awakening you will meet and interact with people of different religions along your journey. However, as opposed to the story presented in the books, the player is not a messiah and will not play a major role in any of them. Leading people on a holy war is not why you arrive on Arrakis.”

In another post, Funcom talked up player housing — or, in this case, base building. Housing in Dune Awakening isn’t a cosmetic feature; it is “paramount to your survival.” A couple features of this system were mentioned, such as being able to save a customized blueprint for others to use and plopping down instructional holograms for friends to contribute to your mutual base.

Source: Twitter, 2
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